10 Insane Glitches We Encountered While Playing Cyberpunk 2077

Hopefully, patches will come and remedy all these issues in the future, and we’re crossing our fingers for the inferior console versions to receive upgrades as well. When the day finally comes, we’ll have the experience of these ten glitches below to tell our children and grandchildren as they experience a Cyberpunk 2077 free of insane technical hiccups. These were all taken from playing on the PS5; we shudder to think what those who play on the base PS4 run into. 

10 Disappearing Jackie

In an act one mission called the Pickup, Jackie has a high chance of simply disappearing during the firefight at the end of the mission between the corporate foot soldiers and Maelstrom. The only way around it for those affected is to keep as close to Jackie as possible during the whole mission. Stray too far and he is likely to vanish into thin air, preventing progress once the firefight is over.

9 Showing Up Bald In A Mirror

Despite taking place almost entirely from the first-person perspective, you have plenty of chances to see your character in mirrors. Unfortunately, whenever we took a peek at ourselves V was always missing hair. For players with long, luscious locks this is the stuff of nightmares, not that we judge the naturally bald among us harshly. In all other instances of third-person, V keeps their hair.

8 Enemies Clipping Through Walls

We’ve killed people in Cyberpunk 2077 so hard, they literally went through a wall. It’s a common phrase to say you’re going to put someone through a wall, so maybe CD Projekt Red is just showing us how this would look. The people who have to take the person out of there are going to have a hard time, and it will make for an incredibly awkward funeral.

7 Resetting Settings

For some reason, every time we boot up the game and jump back into our save file, all the customizable gameplay and visual options are completely reset. The graphics options are turned on again, and subtitles start showing up.

Reloading a save does not reset these, but shutting down the game and restarting it does. Whatever the cause, hopefully it does not take too long to remedy. It is nothing game-breaking, but it is still inconvenient.

6 T-Poses

You ever walk into a bar and see someone standing perfectly still in a T-pose? If so, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear about how accurate Cyberpunk 2077 is to real life, but it is highly doubtful anybody has ever seen this happen except for in a glitchy video game. Maybe it is more common in Eastern Europe. Whatever the case, it is not uncommon to see NPCs stand like this in the game world, breaking the immersion.

5 Floating Items

If Cyberpunk 2077 is any indication, in the future random objects will be floating in the air. In just a single play session you’re liable to see multiple objects in cutscenes and in gameplay just floating in the air, whether it be somebody’s cellphone or Johnny Silverhand’s cigarette. There is nothing quite like encountering a dramatic story beat while a random plate is suspended right in front of V.

4 Animation Glitches

When talking to people, initiating quests, or just observing the surroundings, you’re likely to encounter wild hiccups with the animations. At one point, Jackie was floating on top of his motorcycle while talking, and later on a character was quickly sitting down and standing up in between lines of dialog. The hilarity is compounded by the NPCs talking with a straight face while bugging out.

3 People Falling Through The Floor

Clipping through walls upon death is one thing, but NPCs and enemies have other ways of surprising you during gameplay.

In one instance while simply walking through an apartment building, an NPC fell through the floor right in front of V’s eyes. It was honestly kind of dramatic, like something out of a ghost story. You swear up and down you saw it, but nobody believes you because it seems so ridiculous.

2 Car Pop Up In The Distance

Developers do plenty of things to add detail without stressing out the hardware. Sometimes these shortcuts reveal themselves in embarrassing ways. While driving along the desert, we spotted a bunch of cars out in the distance continually disappearing and reappearing. On PS5 pop-up is almost a non-issue, so seeing this certainly felt surprising and out of place. The problem does not seem to show up at all when in Night City’s metropolitan area.

1 Spawning Inside Someone

A savepoint once had us as a passenger in a car. Upon reloading this save after death we were not in the passenger seat, but instead in the driver seat as the NPC was still sitting there, driving. The characters continued to talk and the supporting character’s hands were visible on the steering wheel and her hair was dangling in front of V’s face. It did not affect anything after exiting the car, thankfully.

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