10 Iconic Fan Theories That Change How Players View Their Favorite Games, Ranked

Gaming has introduced players to some of the most iconic and sprawling worlds ever formed in any medium. While developers put in a lot of effort to make their worlds and characters stand out in the minds of gamers, some players form their own incredible theories based on various in-game moments. While some theories can get a little too far-fetched, others tend to raise some interesting questions.

When many aspects of a game are left up to the interpretation of the gamer, those interpretations have the ability to completely change the tone of a game forever. Based on one fan theory even the simplest and friendliest titles can suddenly become darker and more grown-up than initially believed. Whether there’s some truth to them or not, there’s something we all find fun about fan theories.

Trigger warning – this list makes reference to a fan theory involving miscarriage.

10 Bug Jars & The End Of The World – Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls series has so much lore tied into each of its games that its shocking fans even have room to come up with unique theories. One of the most intriguing fan theories has to do with the many jars of bugs that can be found throughout the world.

In the various bug jars, there are small symbols that have puzzled fans. Some theorize that the entirety of the bug jars and their symbols form a pentagram that once something is triggered could cause the end of the world. While the theory is pretty wild, the fact that people are still finding new things in Skyrim to this day makes it seem more possible.

9 Squall Is Dead – Final Fantasy 8

Series that are filled with fantasy aspects are generally the easiest to create fan theories for, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the Final Fantasy series has tons of unique fan theories. A simple theory that makes sense is that Squall is dead during a majority of Final Fantasy 8.

Fans believe that after Squall is impaled by Edea, the remainder of the game is nothing but some kind of vision during his final moments or even a trip through some kind of limbo. Players point to the way characters seem to change after the event and the strange escalation of the plot as evidence for the theory.

8 Harley Quinn Loses A Baby – Batman Arkham City

Occasionally, fan theories can get into some rather dark realms, and while some games never directly confirm fan theories, it can be hard to argue against them. The evidence behind the fan theory that Batman caused Harley to lose a baby is both dark and backed up in-game.

Many gamers were excited for the possibility of a future-set Arkham game in which the Caped-Crusader would have to combat the child of Joker and Harley, but with the inclusion of a negative pregnancy test in some DLC fans wonder if Batman may have caused more damage than good.

7 The Player Killed A Pokemon – Pokemon Red/Blue

The Pokemon series is almost always a light-hearted adventure meant as a way to introduce young gamers to RPGs. While the series has taken some interesting risks over the years, some fans made an interesting discovery about the player’s rival.

After an encounter with your rival on the S.S. Anne, you bump into him again in the creepy Lavender Town. However, your rival does not have the Ratticate with him from the previous battle, leading fans to believe it passed away thanks to the damage the player inflicted.

6 Ruined Earth – Kirby 64

The Kirby series can be a bit too cutesy for some players at times, but there’s a fan theory that might change some gamers’ opinions. While players who grew up with the Nintendo 64 likely remember Kirby 64, they may not know the most talked-about theory involved with the game.

There’s a level in Kirby 64 called the Shiver Star, and it looks suspiciously similar to that of our own earth. Many gamers have theorized that entering that level actually sees Kirby entering post-apocalyptic earth.

5 Link Is Dead – The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Majora’s Mask is a weird game. It’s absolutely unlike any other Zelda title before and after it, which has opened it up to intense scrutiny by fans. As fans dug into every aspect, numerous theories began to sprout up.

One of the most popular fan theories in all of gaming is that Link dies during his fall at the beginning of Majora’s Mask and the rest of the game is his trip through the afterlife. Fans point to the world acting as the stages of grief before Link finally sets out into the afterlife.

4 Falling From A Treehouse – Limbo

While Limbo is a game that seems like standard indie puzzle fare on the surface, the deeper players have dug, the stranger it has become. The community surrounding the game has created more than fifteen unique theories about the surprisingly short puzzle game.

One of the most interesting suggests that the game is about a boy travelling through limbo after he and his sister fell from a collapsing treehouse and died. The game's creatures are representative of his journey and his sister is said to be attempting to check if they are truly dead or not.

3 Shepard Has Been Indoctrinated – Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect series has told one of the most ambitious sci-fi stories in the history of gaming. With such an incredible world filled with deep lore, it was only a matter of time before gamers started crafting theories.

This theory is relatively simple and it is said that throughout Shepard's adventures in the series he has slowly been indoctrinated by the series Reapers. While there are plenty of things throughout Mass Effect 3 that seem to solidify this theory, hardcore fans fight against the theory every chance they get.

2 Companion Cubes Are Filled With People – Portal Series

It’s surprising how deep the world-building of the Portal games goes for such tightly contained stories. The games are filled with incredible characters and some of the best writing in the industry, which has led to plenty of cool fan theories.

It’s hard to argue that Glados isn’t an iconic character with some equally iconic lines. A few of her lines suggest that the companion cube may actually be stuffed with people. With how sinister Glados can come across, that theory isn’t all that hard to believe.

1 The Pokemon War – Pokemon Red/Blue

While the Pokemon series has spawned plenty of fan theories, it seems like the most interesting and widely enjoyed come from the original games. Over the years, fans started asking a lot of questions about the series and just why there seem to be so few grown men in the world.

Fans have theorized that before the vents of the original Pokemon game, there was some kind of epic war. Why the war happened and what went on during it has been open for interpretation, but it does help justify some strange design decisions in the games.

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