10 Games To Play If You Like Dawn Of The Monsters

Dawn Of The Monsters is a beat-'em-up developed 13AM Games, who also made games like Double Cross and Runbow. Fans of the giant monster and beat-'em-up genres have been thoroughly enjoying Dawn Of The Monsters due to its sleek comic book-inspired art style, tight gameplay, and a plethora of references to other kaiju-related media.

However, one of the most prominent criticisms players have about Dawn Of The Monsters is that its playtime is just a little too short. Luckily, there are plenty of other games in multiple genres where fans can get their fill of monster-fighting action.

10 Godzilla Battle Line

Godzilla Battle Line is a free-to-play mobile game in which you can collect and battle against each other players with various creatures, vehicles, and weapons from the Godzilla franchise. Battle Line uses a chibi art style, making the kaiju feel a little more akin to the popular franchises they inspired.

Like most other mobile gacha games, Battle Line does have in-app purchases, but they aren't necessary to play the game, and it is also being frequently updated and improved, so it's already a better game than it once was. Battle Line's playable roster isn't as extensive as other gacha games but hopefully will grow larger in the future.

9 Pokemon Sword And Shield

While other Pokemon entries would be generally recommended over these eighth-generation titles, they're the only games in the series to feature Dynamax and Gigantamax transformations, which are heavily inspired by the tokusatsu films that kaiju originated from.

The ability to Dynamax is available for any Pokemon. It lets them become a gigantic version of themselves, while only certain Pokemon have Gigantamax forms, which look slightly different from their standard forms and even have exclusive attacks. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield might not be the best Pokemon games out there but may provide a fun time for those interested in experiencing turn-based giant monster battles.

8 Praey For The Gods

Praey For The Gods is an underappreciated Shadow Of The Colossus-inspired action-adventure survival game where players take on massive Behemoths while exploring a snowy tundra. While Praey For The Gods has a weapon degradation system similar to that seen in Breath Of The Wild and other games, you can choose how much they want it to affect their gameplay.

You can also alter the difficulty of the other survival mechanics in the game, such as hunger, exhaustion, and cold resistance, making Praey For The Gods more accessible to players who may not be as familiar with the mechanics of similar games.

7 Horizon : Zero Dawn

Although the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is more recent, Horizon Zero Dawn is available on more platforms and should be played before Forbidden West anyway. Horizon: Zero Dawn may not have the kind of monsters that Dawn Of The Monsters has, but it has a variety of fascinating mechanical animals and dinosaurs for the main character Aloy to fight against and even take control of once the right perks have been unlocked.

Although Horizon: Zero Dawn is a few years old now, the game's influence should not be understated, and Aloy has even appeared as a guest character in games like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Monster Hunter: World.

6 Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a part of the Earth Defense Force series and was made with Western audiences in mind. While it still has familiar enemies that longtime fans will recognize, it sets itself apart from previous entries with its higher-quality graphical style and preset classes that players can customize.

Iron Rain also introduces a few new enemies, such as the Beizal, Raznid, and Sideros, that look like they'd easily fit into a modern kaiju movie. Not only that, but the newly introduced Prowl Rider class can use their E-needle to swing around buildings and even take control of certain giant insects.

5 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

Some may recommend Monster Hunter: World over Monster Hunter Stories 2, but that depends on what the player wants to do. If they still want to fight against monsters while also raising their own monsters, then Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be the game they prefer.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is similar to Pokemon and other monster taming games in that the players have their monsters, or monsties – monsters that are your besties – fight alongside their player character against other monsters in turn-based battles. Monster Hunter Stories 2 also still has many of the same features as the main series, such as an emphasis on grinding, so longtime fans should be able to adjust easily.

4 Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy

Probably a game that not that many people know about, Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy is a turn-based RPG based on the Kaiju Big Battel indie wrestling group. Fans of old Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy titles would probably be most interested in Fighto Fantasy, as its battle mechanics and ability to swap party members have clearly been inspired by them.

Fighto Fantasy also has a great sense of humor, with plenty of silly banter for players to enjoy. Additionally, when not in the mood for the turn-based battles of the main game, players can go to the hideout to play several arcade game-inspired mini-games.

3 Attack Of The Friday Monsters!: A Tokyo Tale

Attack Of The Friday Monsters!: A Tokyo Tale is a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive title and part of Leve-5's Guild02 compilation. In Attack Of The Friday Monsters, players explore the Japanese town of Fuji No Hana in the 1970s as the main character Sohta while investigating the mystery of the giant monsters that only appear to fight on Fridays.

Attack Of The Friday Monsters also features a monster card battling game Sohta can play against his friends. Attack Of The Friday Monsters may not be re-released in the future, so it would be best to get it while the eShop is still active.

2 War Of The Monsters

War Of The Monsters is a classic PlayStation 2 game that has been re-released several times on later PlayStation systems. The game primarily takes inspiration from the giant monster movies of the '50s and '60s and wears its influences on its sleeve.

It features ten playable monsters, three unlockable alternate costumes for each monster, 13 locations for monsters to wreck and fight against each other in, a single-player campaign mode that reveals the origins of each monster once the campaign has been finished with them, several multiplayer modes, and even three unlockable mini-games. Despite its dated graphics and archaic controls, it still provides hours of fun for giant monster fans.

1 King Of The Monsters 2: The Next Thing

While the original King Of The Monsters is a fighting game, its sequel, King Of The Monsters 2: The Next Thing, is a side-scrolling beat'em up instead. Since the genre of the game changed, it has only half the amount of playable characters compared to the first, with only three monsters to play as.

Of course, it also features co-op, so two of the three available monsters can fight alongside each other as they destroy cities and take down the aliens trying to invade Earth. King Of The Monsters 2 may not be the most modern video game, but Dawn Of The Monsters might not exist without it.

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