10 Game Potions That Would Be Super Useful In Real Life, Ranked

Plenty of video games feature a plethora of brightly colored brews. There are likely hundreds of unique potions that have been created over the years, but some stand out as a bit more useful than the others. Everyone's had a moment in their life where they wish they could grab a potion for a much-needed boost.

While there are many potions that are specifically geared toward combat boosts, those won’t come in handy for most people in their daily lives. Some of the most useful potions are the ones that could be useful in most circumstances, but the ones that can get you out of a tough spot are arguably even more important.

10 Bravery Potion – Runescape

We could all use a little bravery here in there at specific parts of our lives. While Runescape's bravery potion has a rather specific usage in-game, it’s safe to assume it could provide a general boost to bravery if used in random situations.

Everyone gets nervous, whether it be due to a job interview, a date, moving to a new city, or any other reason you could think of, so being able to get past that fear with a quick sip of a potion would be great.

9 Potion Of Prolonged Invisibility – Skyrim

The applications of an invisibility potion would be useful to each individual in unique ways. Tricksters in particular would likely love an invisibility potion as it would only aid in their various schemes.

Skyrim’s impressive variety of potions are all useful, but an invisibility potion could potentially help people in a personal sense as well. Everyone needs a moment away from everything from time to time, so becoming invisible would be the perfect way to go unnoticed and take a moment to relax. It’s possible that an invisibility potion could be an anxious person's best friend.

8 Gills Potion – Terraria

Who wouldn’t want to be able to explore the ocean without worrying about that pesky needing to breathe issue? Whether it be for some kind of aquatic work, or for personal use, there are so many ways Terraria’s gills potion could be used.

Aquatic research could be done in a whole new way if a simple potion were available. On a personal level, if you were to go on vacation to a tropical destination, you could skip out on snorkeling and instead use a gills potion to experience the oceanic life with little issue.

7 Energy Potion – Runescape

Sure, the world may have energy drinks, but it’s likely that they’d have nothing on Runescape’s energy potion. A serious boost of caffeine can have all kinds of negative side effects on any given person's body, and an energy potion immediately boosting your energy through natural means would alleviate that issue.

Everyone has those moments at work where it feels like a day is never-ending and that you just don’t have the will to get anything else done. With a little help from an energy potion, you could push through to the end of the day without a second thought.

6 Teleportation Potion – Terraria

A teleportation potion could change the way the world does travel forever. So long as Terraria’s teleportation potion didn’t truly throw you somewhere in the world at complete random, you’d never need to go through the tedious process that is flying, ever again.

A potion that could teleport you somewhere else would not only save you dozens of hours, but it could also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run. If it was truly random it would be peskier, but it would still serve to get you out of the most awkward situations in a hurry.

5 Potion Of Swiftness – Minecraft

Minecraft has introduced plenty of interesting items over the years, but one that would be incredibly useful in real life is the potion of swiftness. As the world tries to cut down on emissions from cars, a potion of swiftness could help everyone get where they need to go in a hurry.

Helping you get some bonus exercise while also cutting down on pollution is the kind of thing that plenty of people dream of. Even beyond that, the simple joy of running like The Flash is something that plenty of people would love to try out once in their life.

4 Chilly Elixir – Breath Of The Wild

There are tons of fantastic elixirs in Breath Of The Wild, but one of the most useful is the Chilly Elixir. Few people love blistering hot days, and a quick sip of a chilly elixir would solve any and all of your heat-related problems.

The elixir gives you resistance to heat for a certain amount of time depending on the potency of the brew, but even a short moment of relief would be useful on the hottest days. It would be great for personal use, but could likely also be used in a medical setting for heat-related issues.

3 Spicy Elixir – Breath Of The Wild

While the Chilly Elixir is certainly a useful item, the Spicy Elixir is arguably more so for those that hate the cold. Whether you live in a cold climate, or simply try to avoid your fingers and toes freezing over, a chilly elixir is the fix everyone could use.

If the elixir could be adjusted to last for long periods of time, various winter-related issues would be gone forever. Tourism around the world would likely open up even more for colder climates, introducing people who would never experience those lands and cultures to a whole new world.

2 Enhanced Cat – The Witcher 3

Whether you like the dark or not, it’s pretty tough to see anything when there is little or no light. The Witcher 3 has plenty of famous potions, but the Enhanced Cat is one of the most famous. It’s a simple effect, giving total sight in complete darkness.

While there are plenty of obvious applications for something like that, there are smaller uses that are just as important. Anyone who’s stubbed their toe when they wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water would probably have loved a Cat potion at that moment.

1 Potion Of Cure Disease – Skyrim

What would likely be the most useful potion to grace the entire world is also one of the most simple in name. The potion of cure disease does exactly what you’d guess it would from the name.

Being able to cure any disease with a sip of a tiny potion is something that would be loved around the world. Too many people suffer from too many horrendous diseases and illnesses, and being able to help those people is something that would put a smile on the faces of millions around the world.

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