10 Characters That Are Surprisingly Not In Pokemon Masters EX Yet

Pokémon Masters EX is an enthralling gacha title that has the player with the goal of becoming the champion at the Pokémon Masters League located in Pasio Island. Three characters join together to form a team and essentially be in sync with their Pokémon. What makes the game stand out isn’t the story or gameplay, but the number of characters available. Many beloved characters such as Rosa, Misty, and Elesa are in, with some of them having alternate versions such as holiday-themed or Sygna Suits.

Even with a lot of the popular and recognizable characters in, there are still some that somehow have not made an appearance as of late. N, the iconic and beloved character from the Black & White games, finally got announced to appear in the game. If he got in with fan demand, then these ten characters, whether highly requested or not, should get a spot sometime soon.

10 Ryuki

As a rep from the seventh generation games, Ryuki is a musician who traveled to Alola to gain more fame for his music career. He has appeared in the Summer Superstars event for Pokémon Masters EX alongside Lisia from the Ruby and Sapphire remakes. She is obtainable through scouting, but so far there are no signs of Ryuki now. Implementing him will be easy as Lisia came with her Altaria, so Ryuki will definitely come with  Turtonator whenever he gets in.

9 Mallow

Truth to be told, Mallow is in the game, but ever since launch, she still remains unplayable. This is one of the only instances where a character does appear, but has no gameplay data. Appearing in Rosa’s Party, the holiday event featuring Rosa and Siebold in wintery outfits, Mallow will most likely come with Tsareena.

It does make sense to have her appear in anything cooking related, but fans are hoping she can make it in before the second anniversary arrives in August.

8 Olympia

Olympia remains the only Kalos gym leader not in the game. Her design stands out, but she is easily one of the more forgettable gym leaders in X and Y. Her team is also lackluster, with her first gym battle only featuring one Kalos Pokémon, Meowstic.

Since Calem has the male version of Meowstic, known for being the support/defensive version, Olympia would work great with the more offensive female form. She may end up as a four star variant in a future update since she is not highly anticipated, but would complete the Kalos gym leader group.

7 Byron

Mirroring Olympia, Byron is the only Sinnoh gym leader not in Pokémon Masters EX. As the gym leader with the steel body, there is no question in what he would have. Like his son, he would also have the Sinnoh fossil Pokémon Bastiodon. As a character, that’s where DeNA might have some trouble with.

On one hand, he’s a father who treats Roark like a kid, which can make players view him as controlling or overprotective. Or maybe he could make a reference to his living on Iron Island and maybe reference his father, the Underground Man.

6 Leon

The eighth generation might have been controversial, the characters are lively and offer a lot of personality to distinct each and everyone in the Galar region. Leon is a breath of fresh air compared to Kalos’ Diantha, and is one of the most popular characters in Sword and Shield.

Since Gloria is in the game and came with the Sword version mascot Zacian, Leon could end up with a Galarian starter. With Charizard being his main Pokémon, either he might end up with Sobble or Grookey.

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5 Elio

Pokémon Sun and Moon does not have a lot of representation in DeNA’s game, and that’s in part to how none of the playable characters are in at all. First off is Elio, who is open to a lot of speculation of how he could be implemented.

No one has taken up the Alolan starters yet, so it depends on how DeNA wants to portray the male avatar. Elio could definitely work with either Litten or Rowlet. As for Popplio, that leads up to the next entry on the list.

4 Selene

Selene, alongside her male counterpart Elio, are not in the mobile game, while the Aether family, Kukui, Team Skull members, and the majority of trial captains and kahunas are already in.

It might as well be due to the player characters being a blank slate, thus being hard to work with from reference already in the games they represent. She would work well with any of the Alolan starters, especially Popplio as they would be a super cute duo.

3 Lucas

Compared to Dawn, Lucas gets shafted in popularity, but he definitely has his fans that are wanting him to make an appearance in the game. He will end up similarly to Black 2 and White 2’s Nate, who is paired with Braviary, as both Sinnoh starters have been taken from Dawn, Barry, and Flint.

The poor guy could end up with Bidoof, as a reference to the catching tutorial in the Sinnoh games. It is also plausible that Lucas can be partnered with Staraptor, who is a strong bird in its own right.

2 Diantha

Out of all the characters that appear in the starting screen, Diantha remains the only one not yet playable or seen in Pokémon Masters EX. She might not be as popular compared to Cynthia or Steven, she could be just as powerful in the game whenever she arrives.

Despite not being in, it is easy to pinpoint what she will have. It is evident that her Pokémon will be Gardevoir, which is capable of mega evolving. Perhaps Gardevoir could have a support role or be a special striker.

1 May

While we are shocked that the Sun and Moon playable characters are not in the game, it is May not being in the game that has fans flabbergasted. She’s very popular and cute, so for her not to be in yet is baffling. Since Brendan has the Treeko line, it is possible that May can end up with a Mudkip or Torchic.

The idea seems more likely to be Torchic since her anime counterpart starts off with the fire starter. The player character, however, can get a Torchic in the game, though they can also get a Pinsir similar to Noland. Then again, Dawn ended up with Turtwig due to Barry and Flint already having the other Sinnoh starters.

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