10 Awesome Areas You Need To Find In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is set in the Golden Isle, a fictional place filled with Greek mythos, legendary monsters, and plenty of secrets. While exploring the area, you’ll be sure to come across many great areas. Some are allusions to Greek legends and myths, whereas others are secret quest areas or easter eggs.

There are so many awesome areas that you will be guided to as part of the main storyline, but we’ve chosen ten brilliant sight-seeing spots that you might miss unless you explore thoroughly. Check out our top choices below!

The Golden Fleece

In the Grove of Kleos, near a Constellation Myth Challenge, you will find the golden fleece of legend hanging on a tree branch. When the golden ram was sacrificed, it is said that it went on to become the Aries constellation, hence the nearby puzzle that features this very same constellation.

Prometheus and Zeus will discuss the fleece, giving you a little insight into it. If you didn’t know its background already, it featured in the quest of Jason and the Argonauts.


There is a Navigation Myth Challenge that involves you pushing a very heavy boulder up a hill and into place in a golden building. The golden building has imagery of the moon adorning it. Once you roll the boulder into place, it doesn’t just sit there as you would expect but rises up, and you realize that it is a mini-moon!

This starts the Navigation challenge, which has you run to a golden statue of a woman. Zeus and Prometheus will discuss the story of Selene, the moon goddess, and how she fell in love with the mortal Endymion.

Hera’s Throne

On the most northeast point of The Forgelands, you can find a giant golden throne with chains on the arms and a peacock atop of it. This throne is one of the parts of the hidden quest called Hammer Baby. If you follow through with the hidden quest, Zeus and Prometheus will discuss Hephaistos’ story and how the throne came to be.

For those who don’t know, this is Hera’s throne that Hephaistos created for her as a trap in order to claim revenge for her throwing him from Mount Olympos as a baby.

Andromeda and the Sea Creature

On an island to the northwest of the Grove of Kleos, there is another great area to find with yet another nod to a Greek myth. This island is actually home to Medusa, and Prometheus and Zeus will talk about this when you visit. You can also find Medusa herself as a Mythical Monster boss here.

At the northern edge of the island, there is a large sea creature attacking a woman in chains. The woman is Andromeda and she was chained there by Poseidon as a sacrifice for the sea monster Cetus. Poseidon did this as a punishment, as Andromeda’s mother Cassiopeia boasted that Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids. Don’t worry though, Perseus saved her.

Shark Temple

The next area can be found to the south of the Hall of the Gods, in the Valley of Eternal Spring, and out in the sea. This awesome looking shark temple is related to yet another hidden quest, called Oceans of Offspring.

The sharks are the children of Tethys and Oceanus, as the quest guides you to follow their “children” to complete the next stage of the quest. Prometheus and Zeus will of course give a little background on these legendary characters, as well as their link to Hera.

Tapestry of the Gods

In the Grove of Kleos, towards the west, you can find an area with large looms and tapestries of the gods.  Interestingly, these tapestries depict all of the Olympians that feature in the game’s story. Of course, Prometheus is not included as he is not an Olympian.

There are many other tapestries and artwork spread throughout the game, including the Fresco Myth Challenges, that depict various scenes from well-known and lesser-known Greek myths. However, this one in particular is pretty awesome.

The Hydra

During your travels, you’ll come across many stone beasts, mostly titans that can be seen scattered throughout the land. However, there’s one stone beast that’s worth going out of your way to see.

The hydra can be found on the western shore of the Grove of Kleos, though fortunately, the fearsome beast has been turned to stone. You can scale its many heads and check it out close up, but to get the best view you should look at it from afar.

The Seat of the Gods

When you finally reach King’s Peak, there are many awesome areas to be seen, including the throne of Zeus that is at the very top of the mountain. However, there is another area that you might have missed on your way to the mountain summit.

Just off to the side of the main path, there is the seat of the gods (next to a Night Chest location). The nearest fast travel point is The Punishment of Atlas. The cool thing about this area is that there are items left by the gods on the table, indicating where they sat, which Zeus’s lightning bolt being at the head of the table. There is also an arrow, an apple, a hammer, and some manacles.

The Invisible Bridge

In what could arguably be seen as an easter egg that alludes to Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, there is an invisible bridge that stretches from the War’s Den mainland to an island just next to it.

Much like Indy had to figure out that he could walk across what appeared to be thin air, you can too! Additionally, the island that the invisible bridge leads to is the island of the Amazons, with plenty of statues of these fierce women around and some added narration about them from Prometheus and Zeus.

Daidalos’s Workshop

One of the very best hidden areas in the game is behind closed doors. You’ll have to complete the quest called Our Dearest Inventor hidden to get access to Daidolos’s workshop, which involves solving a number of Myth challenges, but it’s completely worth it.

This rather awesome room not only contains a beautiful map of the Golden Isle that you have been exploring, and gives you some new wings too, but it also reveals the origins of how the islands came to be. We won’t spoil that for you though, so you’ll have to hunt it down yourself.

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