Your biggest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite questions, answered

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out for iOS and Android, but getting started is a little bit confusing.

With all the Harry Potter universe language used to describe things, nothing is really explained without having a vast knowledge of the world. Lucky for you, we’re here to answer any of the questions you might have surrounding this new world.

How do I log in?

Players can choose to make an account through Facebook or Google. Simple enough!

How do I customize my wizard?

You can’t customize the model you see on the overworld map, but you can customize a profile image. You can use AR filters to take a selfie of yourself in a Hogwarts robe, or perhaps with Hagrid’s hairdo. If you don’t want your face to be visible, you can also pick from some preset icons and customize them with stickers.

What about my name?

You can input whatever you want to be called as your first and last names. Players you friend will not see this information. It’s simply for immersion, so Harry will refer to you by your name instead of your gamertag. The second name prompt you put in is what players can see when they add you as a friend.

Do I get sorted into a house? What about a wand fitting?

You get to choose whatever house and wand you want. You can also change these at any time. There’s no Sorting Hat or wand fitting involved.

There is so much going on. What am I doing?

Your job is to run around and collect all the magical creatures, things, or people who have gotten into sticky situations in the muggle world. These are called Foundables, and they get added to your Registry. With a swoosh of your wand, you send them back to where they belong.

I’m out of spell energy! How do I get more?

You can only cast spells if you have spell energy, and spells that fail count towards this. You can only hold up to 75 spells and you can refill them by either paying money for more or you can visit inns. Inns, like Pokémon Go’s PokéStops, can be visited every five minutes and will give around five spells per visit.

What are professions? Which should I pick?

There are three professions you can pick from, starting at level six. This adds an RPG-like element to the game, as each profession has a unique skill tree. If you pick a profession you don’t like, you can totally change it later.

Aurors are DPS-oriented and you do tons of damage. Magizoologists are tanks or supports. They don’t do much damage, but they’re necessary for any good team. Professors are a hybrid of the two and are a balanced damage and support class.

Each profession also has their own mentor. Aurors have Harry Potter, Magizoologists have Hagrid, and Professors have Minerva McGonagall.

Did you just say there are skill trees in this game?

Yep! It costs Scrolls and Spell Books to put points into the skill trees. As expected, the skill trees will improve your stats. You can check out a skill tree simulator via Game Press for Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors.

Wait, why do I need battle stats and professions if I’m just wooshing my wand and sending stuff back to the wizard world?

You do have to fight some hostile creatures. You’ll need to aim your wand, cast spells, and defend yourself against mighty beasts of the Harry Potter universe.

What’s up with Fortresses?

Fortresses are big castles you see on the map. Players can take them on by themselves or with other players.

Entering a Fortress costs Runestones (depending on the difficulty). Once inside, players will face increasingly difficult enemy encounters. When in a Fortress with other players, it helps to have varied professions, ensuring that the strengths and weaknesses of each are covered.

Combat is similar to what you experience in the wild, requiring that you cast spells by tracing different patterns, while reflecting enemy spells. As you get weaker there are potions to top you off.

Clearing a Fortress will net you Foundables. These are generally not ones you’d find in the wild, so you’re going to have to do some fighting.

What do Portmanteaus do?

If you’re familiar with Pokémon Go, Portmanteaus are essentially eggs. If you have key, you can unlock the Portmanteau and then you will have to walk a certain distance to finish unlocking it.

After unlocking it, you will be teleported to another place using AR. Note that you have to use AR in order to use Portmanteaus. From there, you’ll have to tap on glowing orbs to be rewarded with foundables, items, and EXP.

I need keys for this?

Yes! Players will always have a Gold Key that can be used forever, but only on one Portmanteau at a time. Silver Keys vanish after one use, but can be earned or bought throughout the game.

Do I need to keep my phone open or will it track my movement when the app is closed?

As of right now, you need to keep your phone open. Niantic did add Adventure Sync, a system that lets you track your distance walked while your game is closed, for Pokémon Go, so it could be coming in a future update.

I have so many different potions. When should I be using them?

There are a lot of different potions and they all do vary different things. Some of them are used for battles and should be saved when going against tough enemies or while you’re in Fortresses. Some other ones may increase the amount of XP you get from challenges or Portkeys. There’s not really a point in hoarding potions too much, as you’ll be able to brew more.

How do I get more potions and items?

Items spawn around you and you can tap them to pick them up. You can then use said items to brew potions. The game will tell you what you need and how much time it will take to brew each potion.

You can also buy potions with coins that are both given to you for completing rewards and also just straight-up buyable with real money.

Update (June 21): We added new information about spell energy and how to get more.

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