When Does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Start?

Epic is preparing to launch Fortnite Season 4 later this month. Amid an ongoing legal battle with Apple and Google, the studio has started to promote teasers for the upcoming season, including a big cameo from Marvel Comics. Read on for all the details.

When Does Fortnite Season 4 Start?

Epic has revealed that Fortnite Season 4 will begin on August 27, 2020. The studio confirmed the launch date in a blog post regarding the upcoming Free Fortnite tournament. That tourney is another move intended to put pressure on Apple and Google, both by offering exclusive prizes and encouraging players to send feedback to the platform-holders. The tournament will be held on Sunday, August 23.

Since the legal dispute between Epic and the mobile storefronts for Apple and Google began, Epic has used the imminent launch of Season 4 to rally its player base to complain about the game’s removal from its store. That indicated that the launch wasn’t too far off, but the company only recently announced exactly when.

What To Expect From Season 4

Epic hasn’t detailed exactly what to expect from Season 4, but it has already teased a big cameo. A Twitter post shows Marvel branding, along with what appears to be Thor’s glowing eyes and golden locks visible in the logo. This is supported by the tweet itself, which sports a hammer, lightning, and rainbow emoji–all symbols associated with the character.

Another collaboration with Marvel makes sense. Fortnite has incorporated several Marvel Comics characters into its game, from a Thanos tie-in to Infinity War to the recent addition of the popular (and very R-rated) character Deadpool.

Apple and Google Legal Battle Ongoing

Amid all this stage-setting for Fortnite Season 4, the company is moving forward with its antitrust suits against Apple and Google. The legal dispute began when Epic Games introduced a way to circumvent Apple and Google’s payment systems with direct payments to Epic, thereby cutting out their share of the sales. Both platforms then pulled the game, prompting a lawsuit and PR blitz that appeared to have been prepared in advance.

Most recently, Epic says Apple has “retaliated ferociously” against the company, threatening to cut off dev tools like the ones used by Unreal Engine developers across the industry. That could have a wide impact on much more than Fortnite.

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