Fortnite: Destroy Grills With The Low n' Slow Harvesting Tool Guide | 14 Days Of Summer Challenge

The final challenge in Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer requires you to search 7 grills and destroy them with the Low n' Slow harvesting tool reward. Here's some easy grill locations in this challenge guide. Captured on PC.

By David Ahmadi | @Roshby57 on

One of Fortnite’s most recent challenges involves destroying grills scattered around the map. This is simple enough in theory–just destroy any grills you come across–but locating them can be a hurdle you’ll need to overcome. Luckily, we’ve put together the video guide above with locations all around the map for where you’ll find these grills. You need to destroy seven total, but these don’t have to be done in a single match, and they don’t have to be different ones. What that means is that, provided you’re patient, you can return to the same grill across seven different matches and destroy it each time to complete this challenge.

This is the final new challenge to be introduced as part of the 14 Days of Summer event, although you’ll have a full week after the release of this challenge to complete it (and any others you might not have done). Finishing this challenge will net you a banner and a step of progress toward unlocking the Smoothie back bling.

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