EA announces Plants vs. Zombies 3

The popular Plants vs. Zombies series is coming back with Plants vs. Zombies 3, publisher Electronic Arts announced this week. The announcement didn’t reveal many details on the game, so no news yet on whether our lawn defense in this version will be pollinator-friendly or not. All we know is that the pre-alpha version of Plants vs. Zombies 3 launched this week on the Google Play store. EA hasn’t given a final release date yet.

Per PopCap, the pre-alpha is free-to-play with no microtransactions. The official release will also be free-to-play. EA didn’t comment on whether the final game will include microtransactions, but the Google Play store entry lists in-app purchases.

PvZ 3 is under early construction and is not representative of the final game,” EA said. “Pre-Alpha is focused on getting feedback on combat features only. We’re saving a lot more for later!”

Plants vs. Zombies first came to audiences in 2009 on Windows PC and OS X. It follows the eternal struggle between the player, the suburban lawn horticulturist, and the encroaching zombie horde. The game is known for its combination of whimsy with tower defense tactics. It captured the hearts of many players and has lead to a successful franchise with mobile sequels and console spinoffs.

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