Yellow Submarine succumb under the OG pressure

The long, eventful and the rather unfortunate story of Yellow Submarine in the Epic League was brought to an end by OG.

Regarded as one of the teams on the rise in the CIS region, Yellow Submarine have been put through several high pressure tests in the Epic League. Their adventure started with a controversial series in the qualifiers bracket, as they were technically the second team placed, but due to a controversial rule by the tournament organizers, they had to play an extra best-of-five finals against a “mysterious invited team” for the last spot decider. The Epic Esports event last minute invite went to the newly formed CIS star-studded team Just Error, who defeated YeS in the qualifier third place decider, thus forcing them to start the tournament in the Division 2 group stage.

But as Just Error placed eight in Division 1 group stage, with an overall series score of 2-7, and Yellow Submarine crushed the competition in Division 2 placing first with 8-1 series score, the two teams clashed again in the play-in stage counting for a last chance at making into Division 1 playoffs. In a story of complete revenge, YeS defeated Just Error yesterday to promote and get their shot at playing against the Division 1 teams.  

However, the Division 1 promotion pitted them in the lower bracket rounds against OG, and that was where their tumultuous tournament run ended. Despite delivering big plays every now and then in game one, YeS had to play from behind for most of the time and eventually ran out of options on how to kite or avoid being initiated by the Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng’s Sven.

The scenario somewhat repeated in game two, as OG were once again allowed to have the Sven, and although YeS had a much better laning stage, and theoretically had strong combos on their side with a Terrorblade with the Alacrity buff on him, aided by an Enchantress putting an Alpha Wolf to follow him in fights, once MidOne hit level 15 on his Sven he was able to dispel all those buffs and Yellow Submarine crumbled in the teamfights.

While YeS exit Epic League on the 7th-8th place in Division 1, OG will keep fighting for their tournament life via lower bracket and MidOne continues to be the absolute Sven master, boasting a 100% win rate on the hero. 


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