Worlds 2020 Kicks Off in First Place – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Sept. 21-27

The biggest annual esports event has kicked off. The League of Legends World Championship will run for more than a month, but is already topping the Twitch charts before the top teams have even taken the stage.

On the content side, Among Us continues to dominate, fully overtaking Fall Guys as the latest darling of Twitch. It’s popularity has even created substantial strategy changes for the developer.

Twitch’s Top Channel – Riot Games

In previous years, Riot Games had a stranglehold on the top of Twitch for the majority of the year. However, by separating its major leagues into their own channels, League of Legends esports leagues have only made cameo appearances in the Top 10, rarely broaching the top three. 

That all changes for Worlds 2020. The action is back on the main Riot Games channel, and three days of the lowest stakes competition the tournament will have on offer has already brought the channel back to its former glory. Lower level teams and those from minor regions are effectively battling for their right to enter the main tournament, and Riot was able to generate 4.11M hours watched. Now with the tournament ramping up, expect to see Riot Games as a frequent first place contender until the tournament concludes at the end of October.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

While Just Chatting has reclaimed its throne after just one week, the fact that Among Us has once again generated nearly 40M hours watched is nothing short of remarkable. In just a few months the game has skyrocketed in popularity with both viewers and players, and shows no signs of slowing down soon.

In fact, Among Us has had such a surge in popularity that it has caused developer Innersloth to entirely change course. The company recently announced that plans for a sequel have been scrapped in favor of committing more resources to the current game. Ongoing support is crucial to a game’s long term sustainability on Twitch, and Among Us is very much the sort of game that will either disappear the moment the fad ends, or find a comfortable home near the top of the platform if it can receive frequent and engaging updates.

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