Vici Gaming exit the OGA Dota PIT Season 4: China in fourth place

With only four teams remaining in the OGA Dota PIT Season 4:
China event, today we would see another lose their tournament lives as Vici
Gaming and EHOME kicked off the day in an elimination series.

Yesterday, both EHOME and Vici Gaming played some fantastic
Dota 2 as they survived their first round of lower bracket action at the OGA
Dota PIT Season 4: China tournament. Unfortunately for one of the two teams,
they would have to be eliminated from the event today as they went
head-to-head, with the victor claiming a spot in the lower bracket final to be
played tomorrow.

In game one it seemed very apparent that VG were miles ahead
of their opponent, with EHOME struggling to even get themselves on the
scoreboard in the 27-minute game. Deciding to forgo the unbanned Drow Ranger in
exchange for Sven, VG dominated and took the series lead, leaving EHOME with
their backs against the wall. However, a magnificent game two from EHOME would
be seen next as they utilized their minimal-stun lineup to force a game three
and give themselves a glimmer of hope of revenge after their rough group stage.

Having lost to the likes of Team MagMa during the early
stages of the event, nobody expected EHOME to reach even the playoff stage, let
alone the top three – but with a team of extremely talented players who never
give up, anything is possible. Having claimed a net worth lead of nearly
20,000, EHOME seemed to have the series locked down, until VG begun to mount
their comeback. Although this comeback seemed to seal the series, one final
fight from EHOME pulled things back as they ran down their opponent and forced
the GG call, securing a 2-1 and pushing Vici Gaming out of the OGA Dota PIT
Season 4: China.

EHOME would move forward in the event to face the victor of the Upper Bracket finals which saw a massive series between Elephant and PSG.LGD. When the two teams met during the group stage, it was LGD who dominated their opponent in a swift 2-0 victory and today was no different. Much like their group stage, the series was over in no time at all as LGD punched their way into the grand finals, while Elephant would be sent into the lower bracket.

OGA Dota PIT Season 4: China action continues tomorrow as we have just one series, the lower bracket final between Elephant and EHOME, both hungry to take their spot in the grand finals of the event and face off against PSG.LGD.

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