Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six Siege World Cup for Summer 2021

Ubisoft has announced its first World Cup esports event for Rainbow Six Siege planned for Summer 2021. The event will see players from 45 countries and regions compete in a global tournament. Fourteen countries will receive direct invites to the final stage of the competition, while the remaining 31 will compete in online qualifiers for six remaining slots.

Additionally, Ubisoft has appointed four-time NBA champion Tony Parker as the event’s ambassador. Parker will share insights with players regarding the experience of representing their country in high-level competition.

Beginning Sept. 14, each participating country or region will start forming its National Committee, which will be composed of three team managers who will then select their five players and lead the team throughout the competition. 

World Cup-style events have been a part of esports for some time, though some games like League of Legends have moved away from the practice in recent years. Activision Blizzard hosts an annual World Cup for Overwatch at its BlizzCon event each year.

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