Twitch Announces Return of SUBtember Promotion With Capital One as Presenting Sponsor

Twitch’s fourth annual SUBtember subscription promotion will kick off next month with Capital One serving as the initiative’s presenting sponsor.

During September, Twitch will offer a discount for first-time streamer subscriptions. While the cost of the subscription will be reduced by 20-30%, streamers will still receive their full revenue share. The initiative will also look to incentivize the purchase of multi-month subscription bundles, with larger discounts going to three-month and six-month subscription packages. 

In addition to providing Twitch with the added up-front revenue and reduced risk of a canceled subscription, multi-month purchases do provide a substantial benefit to streamers. Monthly streaming revenue can be extremely volatile due to the fluid nature of viewer habits, and the risk of losing subscribers when taking a break (one of the leading causes of streamer burnout). By encouraging viewers to subscribe to streamers for several months at once, Twitch also provides a bit more stability to the income of those streamers.

Earlier this Summer, Capital One quietly entered the esports space through a Twitch ad deal which saw the brand promoted during a Dota 2 Twitch Rivals event.

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