The Nintendo Switch dominated the Japanese console market in 2019

Nintendo bounced back from the under-performing Wii U with the massively popular Switch, and it has become one of the most successful consoles in the company’s history, especially in Japan. 

In 2019, Nintendo crushed the competition, pulling in nearly 80 percent of all revenue from the entire console market purchases throughout the entire year. 

Video game analyst Oscar Lemaire dug into the 2019 data provided by the Japanese video game publication Famitsu and revealed the Switch made up 76 percent of the entire console market in Japan. That number tracks well considering how Xbox has basically no presence in Japan and the PS4 has been on shelves since 2013, meaning the Switch is still the hot commodity for most consumers. 

Oscar Lemaire on Twitter

Sur l’année 2019, Nintendo détient quasiment 80% du marché des consoles au Japon. 76% rien que pour la Switch, dont les ventes augmentent de 29% par rapport à 2018, ce qui permet de compenser le déclin de la PS4 et la 3DS, et stabiliser le secteur. (chiffres Famitsu)

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