The International Prize Pool has reached $35,000,000

Just a few days ago the prize pool for The International 10 peaked over last years and now we have seen it reach a massive new milestone as it hits the $35,000,000 mark.

Although we may have absolutely no idea when The International
10 will take place, that has not stopped the Dota 2 community from going far
beyond what they have done before – pushing the prize pool to a gigantic new
record. Just last week we saw the prize pool break through the barrier of last
year’s and, considering that was already so close to the $35,000,000, it was
already likely that we would see that milestone reached in no time. Today we
saw that happen as the prize pool now stands at above $35,000,000.

With another 10 days left before the Battle Pass comes to an
end, this prize pool is destined to still rise quite a bit more – especially with
the Windranger Arcana still to come, and we’re expecting that will happen this
weekend. However, there is also still the Immortal Treasure III too, but it’s
unlikely that this will increase the prize pool too much and we’re also unlikely
to reach the next milestone of $40,000,000. Unfortunately, this also means that
we will not be getting another 10 free Battle Pass levels unless Valve deem us

For now, we await any further word from Valve on the return
of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit or any information on The International 10, which is
still the highest prize pool in a single tournament in esports history.

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