The Arcana Vote reaches its final two challengers

As August comes to an end, we are normally celebrating a champion at The International by now, but without the tournament happening, the only champion we will have to celebrate will be the winner of the Arcana Vote grand final.

The Arcana Vote has seen millions of votes cast in the past week for the top four, which is now down to a top two after half the challengers were cut out with their lack of votes. Last week we saw Spectre going up against Witch Doctor and Faceless Void taking on Sniper in the semi-finals – and now those votes have been tabulated, with the grand final now set. Coming out with over 16 million votes, Spectre knocked out what most people were hoping would win – Witch Doctor. Having around about 1 million votes less in their battle against Sniper, Faceless Void made its way into the grand final too.

This leaves Spectre to fight in the final week against Faceless Void, with the latter having been in the top 2 back in The International 2018 Battle Pass too, losing to Rubick in the grand final. Now, with Spectre constantly acquiring a massive number of votes in the past few weeks, it is possible that Void will lose once again – and considering that it is the only runner-up to not receive an Arcana (as Windranger is receiving hers sometime soon), it’s possible that even if Spectre does win, he will still get one.

We now have another full week to vote between the two heroes
remaining in the Arcana Vote before we find out if Spectre or Faceless Void
will be set to receive the next Dota 2 Arcana.

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