Team Liquid win their first event since joining the organisation

Having taken down mudgolems last night Team Liquid secured a
spot in the Grand Finals of ESL One Germany 2020, with Natus Vincere being
their opponent as the two teams fought for the championship.

Although having a fantastic event so far, especially since
reaching the playoff stage, Na’Vi’s previous meeting against Liquid ended in a
1-2 loss to the team – a best-of-three series played during the event’s group
stages. The trial squad would be hoping to turn that result around today as the
grand finals of ESL One Germany 2020 loomed and the two teams prepared for the
ultimate showdown.

Going into the series we would witness a massive stomp in
game one as Liquid pummeled their opponents into the ground – leaving Na’Vi to
return to the drawing board. Only giving up a total of 5 kills and claiming 31
over the half hour brawl, Liquid seemed ready to take an extremely strong series
as they took a 1-0 lead. Not much changed going into game two as Liquid
continued to run directly at Na’Vi’s lineup and with Michael “MiCKe” Vu’s Sven
leaving the CIS squad in the dust, the series was quickly running away from Na’Vi.

With their backs completely against the wall and requiring a
massive reverse sweep to occur to claim victory at ESL One Germany 2020, Na’Vi
went into game three with what seemed like a completely different outlook –
actually banning out Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi’s Oracle again. Right off the bat
it was clear that things were going far better for Na’Vi, as they were able to
have a much better laning phase than previously.

Thanks to some brilliant early game plays as well as a “raid boss” level Lifestealer from Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey, Na’Vi were able to bring themselves one step closer to a comeback as a very back-and-forth game three came to a close, with 2-1 being the scoreline in Liquid’s favour. With some huge mistakes from both sides, game four proved to be the final one of ESL one Germany 2020 as Liquid were the ones who managed to capitalise on the errors the most.

With MiCKe’s Juggernaut fighting against V-Tune’s Anti-Mage,
neither team were ready to give up, but unfortunately for Na’Vi, they did not
quite have enough to take down their opponent. With that, the series would come
to an end at 3-1 as Team Liquid would be crowned champions of ESL One Germany
2020 – winning their first event since joining the organisation.

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