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SpaceStation Gaming has risen to the top of the RLCS Season X leaderboard by taking the North American Fall Major. Taking on NRG in the Grand Final, SSG looked to make quick work of the Season 8 World Champions, but NRG managed to claw back a little. Ultimately though, they had to leave the win to SSG with a 4-2 scoreline.

SpaceStation Gaming leads in points heading into the RLCS Winter Split

SSG had won the first North American regional event of the Fall Split, but had to watch NRG and Team Envy take the crown of regionals two and three. It was still enough to keep them high up in the leaderboard, however, and with the Major win, they take home 702 points to boost them into first place.

The difference on top is a bit closer than in Europe, where Team BDS leads 350 points over the number two Renault Vitality. SpaceStation Gaming is just 150 points above NRG, who are in turn just 50 points above Team Envy. But according to Slater “Retals” Thomas, it’s just a matter of time before SSG is running away on the leaderboards.

“After game one and most of two we got too confident, we got out of control,” the SSG player said in the post-match interview. “I don’t mean to be rude but that’s the only reason we lost two games. It probably should have been a 4-0. […] We’re definitely not going to be complacent. We were the best team in the world, beginning of the Split. We got complacent, turned to fifth, it was bad. We knew we had the potential to be the best team in the world. This time we’re not letting our foot off the pedal. [SSG is] gonna be the best team in the world for the next year or so.”

Big words from the newcomer-turned-star player, but his results are backing him up. SpaceStation Gaming is looking scary going into the Winter Split. Speaking of which…

Winter Split details announced and the stakes are rising

Before the grand final between SpaceStation Gaming and NRG, the details for the Winter Split were announced with a fancy new trailer. On November 7 the first regional event will open the Split, which lasts all the way into January. Moving from a Swiss system, the RLCS X Winter Split will host fewer teams and a double-elimination bracket, making the Split much more difficult, but perhaps at the cost of competitive integrity. Professional player Sandro “Freakii” Holzwarth is not happy with the change.

For a full schedule and all the extra details, check out the official announcement.

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