SANDBOX OnFleek smashes T1 with an Olaf pentakill in KeSPA Cup

SANDBOX Gaming jungler Kim “OnFleek” Jang-Gyeom offered an oustanding display of skill on the KeSPA Cup semifinals against T1 earlier today by performing a pentakill with Olaf.

This move happened in the last game of the match, which SANDBOX won 3-1. SANDBOX was already crushing T1 when this happened, at the start of the midgame.

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T1 attempted an engage against SANDBOX with a Rakan ultimate by Lee “Effort” Sang-Ho, but he missed it due to a perfectly timed stopwatch from Kim “Dove” Jae-Yeon’s Orianna. SANDBOX players shut them down one-by-one and OneFleek scored a pentakill by chasing down both remaining T1 players after getting a triple kill. T1 was aware of OnFleek skills on Olaf, since they banned the champion in two out of the four games of the match.

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