Rumor: Fnatic might be looking for a substitute for Nemesis

It is typical during this time of the season every year that the rumors and conspiracies start running through the League of Legends community, talking about roster movements, players acquisitions, and expiring contracts.

With the 2020 World Championship still running, it is forbidden to start the “players market” until the upcoming month of November, but we still find rumors about movements in the shadows that sometimes bring big news.

The last one of this rumored news comes from the Turkish website Esporin, which claims that, according to their sources, Fnatic won’t continue with Nemesis the next season.

Yurt dışından gelen iddialara ve kaynaklarımızdan gelen bilgilere göre, Fnatic önümüzdeki mevsim Nemesis ile devam etmeyecek.

Tarafımıza gelen bilgiler, çok düşük bir ihtimal olsa da Blue’nun da adaylar arasında olduğu yönünde.

— Esporin (@esporincom) October 26, 2020

“According to outside claims and information from our sources, Fnatic will not continue with Nemesis next season. The information we receive is that Blue is also among the candidates, although it is highly unlikely”.

Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek joined Fnatic in November 2018 after proving himself a young promise with MAD Lions in the Spanish national league (LVP), but once in the highest European competition, he had a difficult task to fulfill… to substitute Caps.

During his years wearing the Fnatic jersey, Nemesis has shown his potential and skills, but neither of them was ever enough…

That is something that could feed the rumors about his way out of the team which, if those are proven to be true, will probably look for a new young promise to play in their mid lane.

Since there is no other news concerning substitutes or to confirm these rumors, it is time for us to keep tuned and bring you all the updates!

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