Riot releases League of Legends 2020 cinematic, Warriors

League of Legends is starting its 2020 season with an old hit and a new animation.

Riot Games has posted a rendition of Imagine Dragons’ 2014 song Warriors, complete with a visual feast of a cinematic, and featuring composer 2WEI and singer Edda Hayes.

The three-minute-long cinematic, published one day before the release of League of Legends season 10, includes familiar faces from the Runeterra universe, with appearances from an armor-clad Garen, a nimble and quick-footed Kai’Sa, a ferocious-looking Urgot, and a giant Galio. 

The cover of the popular song that was first performed at the Worlds 2014 finals in Seoul, South Korea takes on a slower and more melancholic feel, with choruses of harmony, rather than the hard-hitting pop-rock of Imagine Dragons.

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