Remove Gods with Erabos’s Intervention in Theros: Beyond Death

Players should start saving Rare wildcards in MTG Arena to unlock today’s Theros: Beyond Death spoiler, Erebos’s Intervention. 

A solid answer toward removing indestructible Gods from Theros: Beyond Death (THB) was revealed today. Erebos’s Intervention allows a player to target a creature with -X/-X or exile twice X target cards. 

Erebos’s Intervention’s first ability is efficient removal for creatures with indestructible, like the Gods of THB. But it can be used on any type of creature. And as an added bonus, the caster of Erebos’s Intervention gains life equal to X. Targeting Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded, for example, would cost seven mana total—six for X, and one Black mana, with six life gained. 

The second ability players can choose is equally interesting. Text on Erebos’s Intervention states that a player can “exile up to twice X target cards from the graveyard.” If X is three, then six target cards are exiled from the graveyard. 

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