Rejoining Ranked and sound propagation highlighted in new R6 issues and concerns

Ubisoft has updated its Top Issues and Community Concerns page and it looks like some big changes will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year Five.

The Top Issues and Community Concerns page has been a great communicator on Ubisoft’s behalf. Previous iterations of the page have outlined timelines for huge fixes like Smoke’s Toxic Babe propagation and ongoing sound propagation issues. Looking at the updated page, its evident that Ubisoft has been hard at work trying to keep Siege up to snuff. The list has shrunk a considerable amount in the past season or so. 

Rainbow Six Siege on Twitter

We’ve updated the Top Issues & Community Concerns page! 🔖 We will continue to update the list to provide communication around the status of current issues.

Ubisoft is looking to fix an issue that prevents players from rejoining Ranked matches. Failure to rejoin a Ranked match is punishable by a temporary ban. Many players have difficulty reconnecting to a match if their connection drops or if they simply decide to rage quit, which is never advised. The issue appears to have coincided with the DDoS fix that was rolled out during Operation Ember Rise. Ubisoft will be aiming for a Year Five fix for the issue, according to the official page. It sounds like this fix may take a bit of time given that there are inherent security risks if the reconnection issue is linked to the DDoS patch. 

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