Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass leaks, only 6 operators coming

Fans have been waiting on information surrounding the Rainbow Six Siege Year Five pass and, thanks to a leak, there’s quite a bit of information in circulation. 

The most shocking information revealed in the leak is the revelation that Year Five will not have the usual eight operators and will instead have six operators. This information has brought some fans to believe that the game may undergo another Operation Health season but with two fewer operators. 

It’s also possible that Ubisoft is taking the same approach to operators that it now takes with maps, meaning two fewer operators and two old operator reworks. Fans have known for some time now that Ubisoft is keen on reworking their older more broken operators like Tachanka, Blackbeard, and a less-broken Castle.

The Year Five Pass gives buyers a one-year “VIP premium membership” that includes the six Year Five operators, exclusive customization items, 10% off the shop, a 5% renown boost, “0,3%” Alpha Pack Boost, 30% off the Battle Pass, and 30% Battle Points bonus, according to the leaked image.

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