Quincy Crew dethroned from their perch atop Americas Dota 2 by EternalEnvy's stack

Since the beginning of the year, Quincy Crew have been in
every grand final of any event they have participated in – winning the last
eight, but that record came to an end earlier today when they reached the grand
finals of DOTA Summit 13: Americas.

Quincy Crew have been making huge strides in the Americas
Dota 2 scene, winning each and every tournament that they have entered in the
last few months. While this could largely be due to the lack of Evil Geniuses within
the region, the team have shown great talent in taking down nearly every
opponent to come before them. In the early hours of today, QC went up against
4FUN, Jacky “EternalEnVy” Mao’s latest stack, in the grand final of DOTA Summit
13: Americas – and both teams put on a brilliant show of Dota 2 prowess.

Having been the only team to take a game off QC during the
group stages, it was expected that 4FUN would be the one team that could bring
them down a peg, but after QC took a 2-1 victory over them in the upper bracket
final, it seemed less likely that EE-Sama’s stack could get their revenge.
However, a magnificent stomp would come out in the first game of the series,
with 4FUN claiming a 24-6 win in under half an hour. What followed was an hour-long
back-and-forth brawl between the two teams, which ended with another victory for
4FUN, leaving them on series point.

But, with another near hour-long game, QC begun their
comeback, taking both game three and four to tie up the series and set things
up for an amazing and decisive fifth game. In what would be very similar to the
first game of the series, QC could not find their footing at all as 4FUN’s
picks ran rings around them – eventually the GG call came out.

With the win, 4FUN dethrone the Kings of Americas Dota 2 and
claim the first place spot at DOTA Summit 13: Americas, ending QC’s winstreak
at eight tournament wins in a row.

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