PSG.LGD and Elephant.4AM claim top seeds at CDA-FDC Professional Championship

China’s newest competitor Elephant.4AM, made a swift recovery in the CDA-FDC Professional Championship after making their debut with an underwhelming performance against Royal Never Give Up.

From a demoralizing 0-2 loss in about one hour of game time in the tournament opening series, 4AM had a perfect finish on the final day of the group stage matches. With their backs against the wall, Elephant.4AM got to play two series in a row today and made quick work of both EHOME and Team MagMa to end at the top of Group A. They delivered not only a clean 4-0 execution but also the fastest victory in the CDA-FDC Professional Championship so far. They executed MagMa in game one in just 16 minutes with a Slark-Queen of Pain-Bloodseeker trio core that simply dismantled the youngsters from MagMa.

Unfortunately for MagMa, the loss versus 4AM also means elimination from the tournament with an overall 1-6 negative game score. While 4AM finished first in Group A, which brought them a spot straight into the playoffs semifinals, EHOME and RNG from the same group will start in the quarterfinals.  

The other semifinalists are PSG.LGD, who dominated Group B and finished with a clean 6-0 game record after victories over Invictus Gaming, Sparking Arrow Gaming (SAG) and Team Aster.

SAG is the eliminated team from Group B and they also leave the tournament without a single victory to their name. Team Aster and iG will join RNG and EHOME in the playoffs quarterfinals which are set to begin Monday, October 26. 

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