Play One Up Launches Tournament Partner Program

Esports competition app Play One Up has come forward to give anyone who wants to run their own esports tournament a chance to do so with its new Tournament Partner Program. This program gives aspiring hosts the tools to run an esports tournament.

To get started, those wanting to be tournament organizers will pay a $599 USD start-up fee that then allows the use of an application where tournaments can be set up using the Play One Up app. After players or others pay fees associated with individual tournaments, Play One Up receives 15% of the total money involved and organizers get 30% of those registration fees. That leaves the remaining 55% for participants.

In order to facilitate play, Play One Up provides the “software tools, infrastructure, payment systems, and support staff needed for anyone to start, promote, and stream their own esports tournaments and leagues at the tap of a button.” Using a software-as-a-service approach towards an esports business model, the company’s mission is to “super-serve the massive underserved gamer demographic by building a scalable on-demand tournament digital platform that democratizes non-professional video game competitions for money.” 

Play One Up is the invention of Brandon Pitts, a former collegiate basketball player who played video games in college for money and ran his own tournaments. It was after his time in college that Pitts took his concept public, concluding that people might just come to a digital platform that could “seamlessly facilitate a way for gamers to earn income through their video game skills.”

“On one side of the ecosystem, our operating system 1os for tournament partners will eliminate the heavy lifting for hosting a successful tournament by providing them all tools. On the other side of the ecosystem, we will provide an on-demand marketplace of esports tournaments for non-professional gamers brought to you by your favorite celebrities and brands powered by One Up,” Play One Up CEO Brandon Pitts told The Esports Observer. “We believe this will change the esports landscape, because it will allow any and every gamer to monetize their skills regardless of their skill level.  They can treat it as a way to earn some extra money monthly, or they can build it into a business that matches their brand. They control their destiny.”

Since the platform’s launch in 2019, it has facilitated more than $5M in bookings, attracted more than 250K registered users and averaged more than 10K one-on-one competitions monthly. Games include Call of Duty, Fortnite, Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, and NHL.

Play One Up investor and strategic partner Engine Media, launched by CNBC and MSNBC founder and former CEO of TiVo Tom Rogers and former chief digital officer for the WWE Lou Schwartz, will “play a prominent role in streaming and hosting Play One Up events.”

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