Panda Global Announces First-Ever Professional Fall Guys Team

The world’s first Fall Guys team is now a real thing.

There can be only one true winner in every game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but there can be a lot of alliances leading up to the final knockout round. Players can enter each game up to a team of four and assist one another in subtle ways during the solo rounds. And superior coordination can often ensure a full four-player squad’s advancement to the finals.

So a Fall Guys team makes sense. And although we’re not sure if an actual Fall Guys esports scene exists yet, Panda Global is going to get in on the ground floor.

Panda Global specializes in fighting games and 1v1 esports teams, with players competing in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, and Street Fighter V. Fall Guys is a bit of a departure in that there’s an actual team playing together and not just simultaneously competing in the same tournament–at least not until the very end when there can be only one true winner.

So who’s on the team? Panda Global tapped Coney to be the team captain, the winner of the world’s first Fall Guys tournament, and apparently ranked the sixth-best Fall Guys player in the world even though we’re not sure where that statistic is coming from. At his side is Twitch streamer FullStream who normally plays Rivals of Aether, thus making him ideally suited for a completely unrelated indie game.

Jaaahsh is billed as “the support,” a position that doesn’t actually exist in Fall Guys. And finally, Marss takes the spot of “The Wild Card” for being a professional Smash Bros. player. Again, the title seems completely unrelated to the actual game.

We’ve yet to see any of these players actually win a crown since the team was announced on Twitter, but it’s only a matter of time.

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