Na'Vi are back, for a Major at least

CIS qualifiers for the DreamLeague Season 13 Major would
come to an end today with a second team from the region joining at
the January Dota 2 Pro Circuit event.

The CIS region had a plethora of big named teams fighting for
a chance at reaching the second Major of the DPC season but with only two spots
available for the region, it would be a tough few days of qualifiers. Yesterday
we saw take the first slot available as they battled their way past Team
Spirit, sending their opponents into the lower bracket. Spirit had shown some
fantastic plays through the group stages, even though it was drawn series to push
them through into the playoffs. Their opponents are a household name in Dota 2,
Natus Vincere. After losing to Spirit in the first leg of playoffs, Na’Vi would
need to prove that they were back if they wanted to make it to the Major.

In the first game of the series, Na’Vi destroyed their
opponents, leaving them only two kills in the entire 19-minute shutdown. But going
into the next game, it seemed as though Spirit were about to make a big
comeback as they pummeled their way into a decent lead, finding kills
constantly. But after a long period of no kills going either way and Na’Vi
farming, they were ready to fight and came through to take a 2-0 victory.

Na’Vi now join as the CIS representatives for
DreamLeague Season 13, while Team Spirt join Gentlemen, Gambit Esports and
HellRaisers at the WePlay! Bukovel CIS qualifiers.

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