LoR Cosmic Creation Expansion brings 6 new cards from Freljord, Ionia, and Bilgewater

Riot Games keeps working on the upcoming ‘Cosmic Creation‘ Expansion, which will hit the live servers next week on December 16th.

For now, we have known about the new keyword, Augment, which grants +1|+0 in stats when you play a created card, and also about the new Champion that will join the roster in the game: Viktor, who comes alongside two new collectible cards we talked about yesterday.

But that is not all. The reveal season continues and six new cards have been announced: It That Stares, The Scargrounds, Monastery of Hirana, Homecoming, Wiggly Burblefish, and Boomship. All of them were presented with the following Tweet:

Freedom, valor, devastation—What calls to you? pic.twitter.com/whqQlA0PGm

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) December 9, 2020


It That Stares

An eight-mana cost rare card with 8|8 in stats and the ‘Play’ ability, which allows us to chose between Obliterate all Landmarks or deal 2 damage to all other units. This card belongs to Freljord’s region.

The Scargrounds

This is an epic three-mana cost Landmark that grants any ally that survives damage +1|+0 in stats and Tough. The card also belongs to the Freljord roster.

Monastery of Hirana

Another three-mana cost Landmark that creates a Sanctuary when each round starts. The card belongs to the Ionia region.


A fleeting one-mana cost burst spell that recalls an ally to our hand, with the issue that it cannot be cast in combat or in response to a spell. Same as the Monastery of Hirana card, this spell belongs to Ionia’s roster.


A five-mana cost fast spell from the region of Ionia that allows us to recall an ally unit or landmark to recall an enemy unit or landmark.

Wiggly Burblefish

This is a six-mana cost epic unit with 3|1 in stats and Elusive. It has two different abilities: it reduces its cost by 1 for each spell we have cast in the game and also creates a 1 cost spell from our regions in hand when it is summoned. This creature belongs to the Bilgewater region.


Also coming from Bilgewater, Boomship is a rare three-mana cost slow spell that deals 1 to a unit and then summons Powder Kegs equal to the amount of damage dealt.

For now, these are all the new reveals about the upcoming expansion, but Riot Games also announced a few hours ago that the ranked season is ending soon:

Our Ranked Season is ending soon! Ranked will be disabled on December 16th from 9 AM to 11 AM PT to prepare for the new season; keep on climbing the ladder to earn one of these Monuments of Power icons based on your rank. pic.twitter.com/CeMktL2EPf

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) December 9, 2020


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