KheZu to stand-in for in today’s DPC match against OG will play today, Saturday, February 13 in the Dota Pro Circuit Europe League without their offlane player Tobias “Tobi” Buchner. The organization announced Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann to stand-in for the match-up with OG from 18:00 CET/09:00 PST.

Through the online season of 2020, rose from the tier two scene and became one of the most impressive teams, able to challenge the best teams in Europe and a true contender at titles. When the DPC was re-installed, had to claim a spot into the Europe Upper Division via closed qualifiers, but despite powering through those with ease, once the League started, it hasn’t been a smooth ride.

After four series in the round-robin format, are last on the leaderboards with just one victory and three losses. The first matches in the League pitted them against Team Secret, Team Liquid, both taking them down 2-0, their only victory being a 2-1 over Team Nigma. The last three weeks in the Regional League were crucial for them in order to keep their spot in the Upper Division, however, a 0-2 loss from earlier this week versus High Coast Esports, puts in a very tough position ahead of their final two series.

Today’s match-up with OG can make the difference between starting the next season in the Upper Division or relegation into the Lower Division. haven’t given any details on today’s substitution in the offlane, but regardless of the reason, the pressure is on KheZu and the team, as they are in dire need of a victory, while their opponents are none other than the double TI champions, OG.

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