Invictus Gaming announces its 2020 League of Legends roster without JackeyLove

Former League of Legends world champion Invictus Gaming revealed its full 2020 LPL roster today, but Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo was nowhere to be seen.

The young Chinese AD carry was instrumental to IG’s success in last year’s LPL spring and summer seasons, helping to carry the team throughout a mid-year slump and advance to Worlds.

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IG announces their full roster for spring and you all guessed it right, no JackeyLove

After winning the world championships in 2018, the team plummeted in the standings, losing their strong footing in the league and dramatically underperforming at MSI. Falling to North America’s Team Liquid in the semifinals set them back, having a rippling effect on their team performance, and landing them in an eighth-place finish in the summer season. 

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