H&M Netherlands Partners With FiFA Competition edivisie

Clothing retailer H&M Netherlands has signed on as an official partner of the edivisie – a FIFA competition organized by the Eredivisie and Dreamhack Sports Games. Beginning Nov. 17, H&M will be integrated into the edivisie broadcast during interview segments and during gameplay. The brand will also be featured in content segments featuring edivisie players sharing tips and tricks for improving at the game.

As the name implies, DreamHack Sports Games is a company focused on operating esports activity within sports simulation titles. The company has partnered with various traditional sports leagues to facilitate their esports equivalent including the eAllsvenskan and eSuperliga. 

Last month, DreamHack Sports Games secured a partnership with HyperX to support the eSuperliga. In October, the company appointed former DreamHack co-CEO Roger Lodewick to serve as its new CEO.

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