Guilty Gear Strive I-No trailer completes launch roster – Daily Esports

Guilty Gear Strive developer Arc System Works revealed I-No as the final character in the new fighting game on Sunday during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable.

I-No is a fan favorite character who first appeared in Guilty Gear XX as the boss of that game. She is a servant of the series’ main antagonist, That Man, along with Raven. It seems that she will be returning as a boss character in Strive based on what we see in her trailer.

I-No, like many of her fellow Guilty Gear Strive compatriots, sports a redesigned model for the new release. Her new look doubles down on the witch motif, and she has some big Bayonetta vibes this time around. Right away in the trailer we see that she still has her unique, slow, diagonal air dash, which is ideal for setting up overheads and tricky crossups. The trailer shows off some of that potential, too, as I-No lands four overheads in a row on Axl, the final after what appears to be a jump cancel, and ends the combo with a throw.