From Lambeau Field to the Catwalk, Former Packer Ahman Green Carries the Ball For Esports

Ahman Green, the four-time pro bowler and Green Bay Hall of Famer, has joined forces with the esports division of Ford Models Inc. That’s right, one of the NFL’s greatest running backs is making the goal-line push into esports.

In February of last year, Green, one of the most well-known NFL players in recent history was named the first esports coach for Plymouth, Wisconsin-based Lakeland University. And after a year at the helm of the Muskies he has no regrets. In fact, after surveying the field and diving into the industry, he sees himself and others like him as pioneers in a space, just like those entrepreneurs from the past that brought business and sports to the forefront of society.

“You know, for me and my understanding of the world, I know that this [esports] is going to be something that is a game-changer and solidify itself in history as a viable sport and business–and I mean the world, not just the United States,” Green said. “I remember studying history, this was the textile movement, this was the Prohibition era, the Great Depression. Just as all these are known in history, so too will people know that today is when esports came into the world.”

Green goes on to note that many great businesses of the past were born from the culture of their times. He looks at esports and gaming, likening the genres to the Prohibition era where the sale of alcohol was banned to now, where sales of beverages drive billion-dollar businesses. The opportunities that were not available in a space that saw esports and gaming in a negative light associated with bad eating habits, non-socialization, and poor physical health are growing at a rapid pace as the world realizes the benefits of the genre.

“The companies out there that have an understanding of the esports culture, but more importantly the players in that culture, are the ones that are going to make dividends,” Green said. “Those are the companies that will keep people coming back. Esports as a whole and especially collegiate esports are spaces that are going to see so much business opportunity and growth. I feel like I am one of those old-time pioneers forging a path ahead in the space and I am so excited to use that energy to help teach my students and players that gaming and esports is more than just playing games.”

Since entering the esports space Ford Models has signed the likes of WNBA star and gaming personality Ariel Powers, Call of Duty gamer and Twitch streamer Drew “Frozone” Bienusa, Ivan “OGKINGCURT” Curtiss, and Avori “Avori” Henderson. 

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