Fnatic's attempts to take down TNC fail at the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA

Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 4: Southeast Asia
continued today, this time with upper bracket action as TNC Predator and Fnatic
were the two teams fighting in the first series of the day.

Prior to the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA, the last time we
saw TNC and Fnatic go head-to-head was back in September at the Season 3
iteration of the event. Back then, Fnatic were in a bad spot, as they were
eliminated in the group stages but this time the team were back to their
winning ways – although losing to TNC during the group stages.

Going into the series it seemed as though TNC would take
another clean sweep over Fnatic as they destroyed their opponents with ease.
With Armel “Armel” Tabios on an unkillable and unstoppable Puck which ended
14-0-9, TNC took a fantastic early series lead, leaving Fnatic to pick up the
pieces or suffer the lower bracket. However, the fight back from Fnatic came in
game two, as they punished TNC for a Medusa lineup by playing faster than their

TNC only managed a total of eight kills as the series was
tied and a decisive game three would be needed to tear the two squads apart.
Although Fnatic made some decent plays in the final game, the Sven from Kim “Gabbi”
Villafuerte was far too much for them to handle. Having 820 gold per minute,
Gabbi’s Sven destroyed the Fnatic lineup and effectively ended the series, giving
TNC another victory over Fnatic.

While not eliminated from the event, Fnatic will now have to
brave the lower bracket where their first opponent will be Motivate.Trust
Gaming – a series which will open the day tomorrow. For TNC Predator, they
secure a guaranteed top three finish at the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA and await
their upper bracket final challenge – T1 or Team Dog.

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