First Grandmaster tier level reached in less than a month

The grind from level 25 to 30 in order to upgrade a hero from Master to Grandmaster tier in Dota Plus requires an insane number of hours played, but nothing seems impossible during the holidays break.

Treant Protector is the first Dota 2 hero leveled up to the Grandmaster tier level. The achievement was unlocked on the second day of Christmas by a casual player from Kazakhstan.

ТемнО is playing the Crusader-Archon bracket, which should only mean that it doesn’t really matter how skilled you are if you are passionate about the game and truly enjoy certain heroes. The Grandmaster tier was added to the game only on the 1st of December this year, with the latest Dota Plus update. Twenty six days later, ТемнО became the first player to reach level 30, which besides granting the Grandmaster badge unlocks an additional unique chat wheel line for each hero. For Treant Protector, the line is “A tree killed you. A tree!”

Interestingly enough, there are high chances that the second person to unlock the Grandmaster tier could be another Treant Protector player. According to the leaderboards, there are currently three other players at level 28. However, there is one Enigma at level 29 and one Legion Commander also at level 29.

If you are one of those committed to make the most out of the holidays break and put in the long hours on grinding towards level 30, keep in mind that you should prioritize with your ban one of the hard counters to your hero. For Treant Protector, some of the most annoying heroes to play against are Timbersaw, as he destroys your natural habitat, Zeus and Slardar, who can provide vision on you, and any hero that either goes by a Manta Style build (example Anti-Mage, Spectre, Terrorblade) or has a built in illusion mechanic (example: Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren) and can force a fast push, which will make your Living Armor rather weak. In the current developing meta, Lycan is also a real threat.

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