ESL North America CEO Yvette Martinez-Rea Joins Verizon as VP of Partnerships & Sponsorships

Former ESL North America CEO Yvette Martinez-Rea has left the global tournament organizer to join Verizon as its new vice president of sponsorships and partnerships.

In announcing her departure from ESl, Martinez-Rea said that this opportunity “would not be possible without all I learned from the whole global team at ESL Gaming, but feeling especially grateful for my North American team who went on an amazing journey with me and kept me laughing and growing every step of the way.”

Martinez-Rea was appointed CEO and managing director of ESL North America in February of 2018, replacing Craig Levine, who moved on to the role of global chief strategy officer. Prior to that, she served as chief operating officer at ESL North America, where she oversaw business operations for the region for two years.

Prior to joining ESL Martinez-Rea worked for beauty company Violet Grey, Yahoo!, and United Online.

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