EHOME lose crucial DPC series

EHOME’s chances at snatching a top four finish in the first season of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) China Regional Leagues have considerably diminished after 0-2 loss to Vici Gaming.

They entered the series against VG with a 1-2 series record and in dire needs of a victory to keep their hope alive. Although with a victory more than their adversaries, VG were also on the hunt for a clean series to keep the hope alive for a spot at the upcoming Singapore Major. With that in mind, the two teams engaged today in a breath-taking matchup.

Vici Gaming brought in game one a Batrider-Clockwerk-Phoenix trio and pressured EHOME in the mid lane, slowing down the push potential their adversaries had with Death Prophet. Early kills on both EHOME’s mid and safe lane heroes were a clear setback and allowed VG to group and force team fights on their terms to establish an over 40K gold lead.

Despite always playing from behind with a carry Slark who wasn’t in his best element, EHOME managed to drag the game to a late scenario, secure two Roshan kills and successfully snatch the Aegis from VG’s hands once. However, the far more farmed VG squad with the synergy between the Aghnaim’s Shard on Batrider with all his teammates kept them alive in crucial moments and pushed them ahead bringing them their first game victory.

The second game was even more tense, with EHOME forcing the early skirmishes and landing 16 kills in the first 15 minutes of the game. Their super aggressive stance from early game allowed their Phoenix to rush an early Black King Bar followed by Refresher Orb, which put VG in a very tough spot when it came down to team fights. However, the early advantage tricked EHOME’s into believing that they can bring their Troll Warlord to fights as well and that backfired, as VG were able to keep him controlled with multiple stuns coming from Mirana Arrow, Nyx Assassin and silences from Death Prophet. The game went back and forth for nearly an hour, VG losing two sets of barracks, but they were able to outmaneuver EHOME in the last five minutes of the game to make a decisive push and steal the 2-0 victory.

China DPC Regional League Season 1 standings

Unfortunately for EHOME, the 0-2 loss pushes them to the sixth position on the leaderboard after the third week of matches and it might spell disaster by the end of the League play. On the other hand, for Vici Gaming, today’s victory keeps them in the run for even a top two finish, which means a secured spot straight into the Major, thus avoiding the Wild Card leg of the competition.

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