Did Nigma really throw the final game of the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers?

Despite having mega creeps and a 25,000 networth advantage in the final game of the Bo5 grand finals counting for a spot at the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor, Nigma lost the game on the back of some unfortunate events in the last few seconds of the match. Read the article below to check what exactly happened.

Game 5, the final moments:

Nigma’s first big loss was that they couldn’t grab the Aegis for the final push, Alliance’s Tiny stealing it from them. However, even without the Aegis, Nigma pushed and destroyed the last set of final barracks, but they couldn’t go all-in. Nigma knew that the late game against Medusa would be difficult hence, they had to rush their actions and planned a quick gank that was considered a huge mistake by many people.


Nigma didn’t lose much in that high ground push but had to retreat because many of their heroes had low HP. Just after 10 seconds, Slardar and Lifestealer decided to gank Medusa who was close to the river and far from her base. Most people assumed that this move was the throw but it wasn’t.  Making that aggressive move wasn’t a bad decision because not only that she far from her base, but she also had her ultimate on cooldown for 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Lifestealer and Slardar had good farm hence, they would have been able to kill Medusa. If they would have killed her, they would also have got her Divine Rapier and would have improved their team’s chances of winning the game by a huge margin.

The thing that destroyed Nigma wasn’t the decision to gank Medusa but rather Slardar’s decision to jump on Disruptor instead of Medusa. Lifestealer even pinged and clearly wanted to jump on Medusa. The video below shows Lifestealer’s perspective while he was infested in Slardar and was pinging Medusa on the map.


After this gank Nigma paused the game and mentioned “Discord” in all-chat. Now, this may mean that something went wrong with their communications. Check the video below to see Nigma’s pause and message.


After the pause, Nigma didn’t have buyback on Lifestealer and Medusa with double Divine Rapiers destroyed their base before Lifestealer could even respawn. A few seconds of unfortunate events cost Nigma an entire game. Even though Alliance won with the help of Nigma’s mistake, they played extremely well and had also out-drafted Nigma in that final match.

Final words

According to the author, Nigma didn’t throw as their main core’s decision to attack Medusa was correct but they lost due to some communication and misunderstanding problem. Please express your opinion in the pool below.

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