Day one of January Kaldheim League Weekend creates shuffle in standings

World Champion Damo da Rosa sets himself apart with 6-0 day.

Day one of the first League Weekend in Kaldheim split ended with reigning World Champion Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa at the top of the Magic Pro League.

Piloting Gruul Aggro, Damo da Rosa took down the mirror, Sultai Midrange, and Mono-Black Aggro to set himself apart from Gabriel Nassif in the standings. At 24 points, Damo da Rosa holds a two-match lead over Nassif. France’s Jean-Emmanuel Depraz is the only other MPL player with 20 or more points.

Damo da Rosa can’t get too comfortable, however; there are 10 players within six points of his top position. A hot streak tomorrow by anybody in the top 12 could quickly close the gap. Seth Manfield and Brad Nelson in particular are making a climb into the top four coming off a 5-1 day. Damo da Rosa will meet Nelson in round 12, a match that could have top-four implications.

Here are the top 10 MPL players at the end of the first day of the January Kaldheim League Weekend.

  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 24
  • Gabriel Nassif 22
  • Jean-Emmanuel Depraz 20
  • Andrea Mengucci 19
  • Ondrej Strasky 19
  • Brad Nelson 19
  • Seth Manfield 19
  • Martin Juza 18
  • Rei Sato 18
  • Reid Duke 18

The Rivals League saw Matt Sperling hold onto his position at the top of the standings tied with Christian Hauck despite a 2-4 record on the day. Stanislav Cifka and Hauck both jumped into the top four thanks to impressive 5-1 records through day one. Luis Scott-Vargas only picked up one win today and dipped to third. His excellent performance during Zendikar Rising split gave him enough points to lessen the blow of a tough day.

Here are the top 10 Rivals League players at the end of the first day.

  • Christian Hauck 20
  • Matt Sperling 20
  • Luis Scott-Vargas 19
  • Stanislav Cifka 19
  • Zachary Kiihne 18
  • Eli Kassis 18
  • Yuta Takahashi 18
  • Mike Sigrist 17
  • Luca Magni 17
  • Jacob Wilson 17

Kaldheim split started 12 days before the titular set releases on Magic Arena and Magic Online. Unlike both League Weekends during Zendikar Rising split, this weekend is played in Historic Constructed. This will be the last premiere Historic event before Kaldheim shakes up the format.

There’s plenty of Magic left to play with six rounds scheduled for tomorrow starting at 10am CT on the Magic Twitch channel.

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