Astralis Group Extends Logitech G Partnership for Three Years

Danish esports organization Astralis Group announced that it has extended its partnership with the Logitech brand, Logitech G. Financial terms of the new partnership were not disclosed, but the new deal extends their relationship for an additional three years.

According to the announcement, the deal will include all Astralis teams, co-branding rights on Logitech G products, cooperation on a range of new products, cross-brand promotion, and gear for the organization’s players, talent, and facilities.

The original deal was signed in 2019 for a two year period. 

Astralis announced in September that it had moved its teams (Astralis, Future FC, and Origen) under the Astralis name and colors. Astralis currently competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, and League of Legends. The organization recently announced a partnership with Garmin to promote a line of smartwatches.

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